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Package Apricot is suitable for couples who have decided to make it official and change dating into something more serious - the marriage. Bali is such the perfect place for a promise of neverending love because the atmosphere here will teach you how to love each other forever and ever.
How to find a beauty in the simplest and littlest things because a magic of happy life is so simple - just to be. To be rich without money. Local people spend most of their time with family and friends.
They eat together, work together, laugh together. They don´t stress if things go wrong, don´t try to reach the perfect life, don´t judge others who are different. They respect each other, trust in yourselves and love the world rightly in the way as it is.

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    Transport from the airport
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    The mobile phone with a local number
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    The wedding organization
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    Flight tickets
10 days
from 6300

How it will be like:

  • a) An accommodation in our luxury villa - a bedroom with a private bathroom, a king size bed and a magnificent view of rice fields which surround the house. There are no other guests during your vacation so that you could enjoy a perfect privacy.
  • b) The matter, of course, is a bed service, towels, a hairdryer, flowers, a bottle of wine and a simple decoration all around.
  • c) We serve super healthy, juicy and fresh breakfast every morning. Look forward to fruity smoothies, pancakes, toasts, etc.
  • d) During all the time you can use a scooter and helmets. We will teach you how to ride easily and safely.
  • e) Our super nice and super friendly driver will be waiting for you at the airport in Denpasar. He´s handsome, loves football and thanks to his stories a way to your new home which lasts one hour will be fast and full of laughing.
  • f) We will equip you with a mobile phone with a local number. Use it in cases when you are lost in a jungle or hungry and need to order a pizza.
  • g) Our task is to help you to make an itinerary because every couple prefers another kind of activities. Anyway, there are activities which we highly recommend:
  • - Wellness, traditional Balinese massages and relaxation spa procedures.
  • - Looking for hidden waterfalls. We know places where tourists usually do not come.
  • - Snorkelling. Wait for hundreds of weird fish, an old shipwreck and beautiful corals.
  • - Are you brave? Go to see an island of dead people or a lonely ghost hotel.
  • - A temple with a heaven gate which is situated high above the sea level.
  • - A surf lesson or a cooking class.
  • - A temple which guards the ocean.
  • - Robinson Crusoe´s secret beach, a white sand beach or a beach with the best Balinese pancakes.
  • - Romantic midnight swimming in the private pool with candles and a bottle of champagne.
  • - A picnic in the mountains or on the beach with an amazing sunset.
  • - The biggest rice fields where you can get lost and with fresh coconut explore it for hours and hours.
  • - A night trip to see dolphins.
  • - More and more trips. We have an infinite store of ideas.
  • h) The wedding day:
  • Food:
  • - Breakfast in the bed is a must-have.
  • - Tasty snacks available during all the day.
  • - The wedding cake.
  • - The wedding lunch (Indonesian cuisine).
  • - The special wedding dinner in Akasha restaurant which is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Ubud.
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  • - A wedding place reservation.
  • - Flowers, a decoration and a wedding gate.
  • - A priest.
  • - A photographer, eventually cameraman.
  • - A hairdresser, a makeup artist.
  • - Live music.
  • - Transport
  • - Traditional Balinese dances.
  • ch) 3 days for you on Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is the largest island of three islands off the southeastern coast of Bali. And what will be the best part there? Definitely sleeping in a tree house.