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Package Banana is suitable for everybody who wants to experience the beautiful and inspiring holiday, to come back home and never be the same as before. The main purpose of this package is a harmony of body, mind and soul. We will set up the balance and help you to realize the beauty and the sense of your life.

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    Transport from the airport
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    The mobile phone with a local number
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14 days
1600 pers.
2300 pers.

How it will be like:

  • We will give you our attention for 6 days.
  • Our friendly driver will be waiting for you at the airport in Denpasar. He will hold a sign with your name so that you can recognize him easily. A way to your new home lasts one hour and during it, you can take a nap.
  • Day number 2 is called a familiarization which means to start our day with aquafitness and healthy breakfast full of energy and vitamins for all day. After that, we will go on the first trip to explore and see a neighbourhood. An evening will belong to inner feelings.
  • Day number 3 is called a roof which means the same morning routine as the day before. In the evening we will show you basic Krav Maga positions and then is the best time for talking about your past, presence and future.
  • Day number 4 is called a move which means morning jogging through rice fields which are situated close to our villa. After breakfast, we will go up to a temple which was built 2000 metres above the sea. There your perception will move on. In the evening we will continue with other Krav Maga positions and newly also with a meditation.
  • Days number 5-7 are just for your own travelling and exploring Bali.
  • Day number 8 is called a fear which is mostly the biggest problem for the major part of the population. It is more than necessary to know and face your own fear. In the morning we will think about it and note few points which could get our fear into a better condition. Later we will go to the beach to try snorkelling because tell me which place in the world is calmer than the life under the sea level. In the evening we will again continue with Krav Maga positions and we will defeat all worries which do not allow us to grow up.
  • Day number 9 is called a curiosity which means you will give up your personal control and make a space for new opportunities. You will definitely realize that the happiness is a journey, not a destination.
  • Day number 10 is called a growth which means a relaxation, fruity breakfast and a traditional Balinese massage. We will discuss your dreams and goals. Later it is time to take a nap and at about midnight you will go up to overpower the Batur volcano with the most beautiful sunrise which you have ever seen.