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Package Lime is suitable for travellers who love an adventure and want to fill their travel diaries with incredible memories.

The main purpose of this package isn´t sleeping on a sofa next to a pool. The main purpose is a huge action. What is waiting for you there? The wild river called Ayung, a night trip up to the Batur volcano, cheeky monkeys, the real cocoa beans, a chilli Sambal sauce, haggling in the local markets, crazy driving on a scooter, a museum of Bali puppets, a trip without GPS, snorkeling with bloodthirsty fish, feeding street dogs, a surf lesson, a traditional Balinese dance, a cooking class, 3500 stairs leading to a temple or, for example, super long walks in the middle of rice fields.

You´ll learn how to be a well-prepared traveller and know Bali in its real and authentic form. Full of taste, smell, strangeness, memories with the most friendly faces which can ever exist.

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    Transport from the airport
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    The mobile phone with a local number
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10 days
1400 pers.
1900 pers.

How it will be like:

  • The most important point for all travellers is a quality equipment, therefore, you can look forward to a secret package which will be delivered to your letterbox few days before your departure to Bali. Inside of it, you´ll find a little surprise and smart info how to make your flight comfortable and what not to forget to take with you.
  • Our super nice and super friendly driver will be waiting for you at the airport in Denpasar. He´s handsome, loves football and thanks to his stories a way to your new home which lasts one hour will be fast and full of laughing.
  • Our staff will prepare some snack for you so that you can refresh yourself and take a nap after the long flight. Our king size beds aren´t for dwarves so don´t worry about sleeping. When you are fresh again, the show can begin. This holiday´ be wild!
  • Everyday breakfast is included, of course. Super fresh, super colourful and super exotic. Fruit smoothies and banana pancakes for ladies, avocado toasts, and fried eggs for strong gentlemen.
  • The biggest plan for our first day is to make an itinerary. We have so many ideas for trips that you would need more than one month in Bali to see it all. You can be a hunter for a while, an artist, a climber, a diver. You can be whoever you want to be.
  • For a pretty good orientation, you´ll get a GPS navigation. We´ll teach you how local road rules work and also show you a close neighbourhood. Guess, you´ll be a bit surprised.
  • Because two is more than one, we´ll go on some trips together. At this opportunity, we´ll make some pics of you there.
  • The Lime package isn´t the strictly organized tour with lazy travellers. Imagine you are heroes who don´t know rules. Nothing is a problem for you. Nothing can stop you.
  • Bali is one of the best places in the world for spa and healing rituals, therefore, one day you´ll spend on meditation and relaxing massages.
  • Don´t worry about your stomach. We know restaurants where chefs prepare dishes yummy as nowhere else.
  • Trust me or not saying goodbye will be extremely hard. Throughout all the time we will be your best buddies prepare to help with everything.