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Package Raspberry or The heavenly raspberry love in Bali, if you want, is an opportunity when you can prove love and loyalty to your partner. The real love does not need huge gifts but sometimes it is beautiful to surprise each other, do something special and crazy.

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    Transport from the airport
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    The mobile phone with a local number
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10 days

How it will be like:

  • An accommodation in our luxury villa - a bedroom with a private bathroom, a king size bed and a magnificent view of rice fields which surround the house.
  • The matter, of course, is a bed service, towels, a hairdryer, flowers, a bottle of wine and a simple decoration all around.
  • Our super nice and super friendly driver will be waiting for you at the airport in Denpasar. He´s handsome, loves football and thanks to his stories a way to your new home which lasts one hour will be fast and full of laughing.
  • We serve super healthy, juicy and fresh breakfast every morning. Look forward to fruity smoothies, pancakes, toasts, etc.
  • During all the time you can use a scooter and helmets. We will teach you how to ride easily and safely.
  • We will equip you with a mobile phone with a local number.
  • A romantic day which starts with breakfast next to a pool, a perfect Balinese massage, a butterfly farm, coffee tasting at a local plantation and a special dinner in a restaurant with a lovely view.
  • You can also look for: a chocolate factory, a yoga lesson, midnight swimming in the private pool with candles and a bottle of wine, a popcorn movie night, a picnic on the beach with an amazing sunset, snorkelling with strange fish, hidden waterfalls, a temple with a heaven gate which is situated high above the sea level, sun, a shopping day in Ubud, friendly atmosphere and lots of tasty food.

To make joy, get engaged, say thank you - these could be the right reason why to go to Bali.